Annual Events

Annual School Events

Sports Day

One of the big events held by the Student Council is Sports Day in May.

School Excursion

Four-day School Excursion to Kyoto and Nara in June ( for Year 11 students )

School Camp

Four-day School Camp in Nagano Prefecture during summer vacation ( for the Year 7 students )

School Festival “KOUFUSAI”

Another big event held by the Student Council is KOUFUSAI ( School Festival ). The cultural clubs exhibit the results of the studies and works of the year. About 20,000 people come to see them every October.

Geological study in Nagatoro

Geological study in Nagatoro ( for Year 9 students ) is arranged by the science teachers in October.

Historical group-study in Kamakura

Historical group-study in Kamakura ( for Year 7 students ) is arranged by the social studies teachers in November.

Ski Camp

Four-day Ski camp during winter vacation ( for the interested students of Year 8 )

The Tonegawa Walk

Taking a long walk along the Tonegawa River is a significant event of this school. Students walk from the upper stream to the mouth of the Tonegawa River in increasing portions as they grow up.